NIST Mass Spectral Peptide Libraries for Advancing Proteomic Research

July 28th, 2020

Modern mass spectrometry-based proteomics are capable of profiling tens of thousands of peptides in a single experiment. Each of these peptides is fragmented along the peptide bonds to form a mass spectrum, often interpreted against a theoretical in silico-generated mass spectrum as part of the analysis workflow. Since peptide mass spectra represent physical properties of these molecules, standard interpretation of these mass spectra has the potential to improve the success rate of all discovery experiments in proteomics. To this regard, NIST has developed mass spectral libraries of biologically relevant peptides to provide peptide reference data for proteomic laboratories, enabling the discovery and validation of disease-related "biomarkers." Using mass spectral libraries to identify these compounds is more sensitive and robust than interpretation by theoretical methods. These databases are freely available for testing and development of new applications (, in a form easily searchable using software tools such as Mascot, and updated and maintained as a reference data resource. To date, several of the libraries developed, including human, yeast and E. coli, represent significant coverage of these proteomes and are suitable for routine uses. An additional NIST resource for proteomics is the monoclonal antibody reference material, RM8671, a recombinant humanized IgG1κ expressed in murine suspension culture. The reference material is intended for use in evaluating the performance of methods for determining physicochemical and biophysical attributes of monoclonal antibodies ( The RM8671 is accompanied by a high-resolution spectral library for enhanced glycosylation characterization using 2D LC-MS/MS approach (
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June 11th, 2020

Help inform the design of a prize competition to inspire tools entrepreneurs can use to navigate the complex innovation ecosystem by 11:59 pm Monday June 15 - The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for entrepreneurs. Finding the resources to help turn a good idea into solutions for global impact shouldn't be one of them. We are looking for input to make sure the competition results in useful tools that support an inclusive innovation environment so that all businesses can find the resources they need, which in turn will help the US economy grow and respond to challenges like how to recover from the pandemic. The Federal government has abundant resources ( available to support innovators – from funding to IP to entrepreneurial training to equipment – but like any complex environment, the innovation ecosystem is difficult to navigate without a roadmap and guides. Gaining access to these resources will boost innovation, create jobs, and build the nation’s economy. Be part of the innovative roadmap to success by submitting your ideas on tapping and connecting the vast resources of the Federal government with your local communities’ efforts to assist entrepreneurs nationwide. Learn more about the competition and how to submit your suggestions at